Popeyes Is Not Your Friend

My weight has been on a roller coaster lately. I gained almost 2 lbs over the weekend. 2 lbs!! Up to this point, I’ve never gained more than .2 of a lb so this is such a huge hit for me. However, I am not completely innocent as I have a confession to make..

Bob and I spent nearly three hours at the animal shelter on Sunday walking the dogs in the California heat. We try our best not to leave without walking every single dog. Some of the dogs were strays that just arrived and were very difficult to walk but that is no matter since they deserve it. So, needless to say, we were completely exhausted and, even more so, starving once we were done. We also had plans soon afterwards so we needed to grab food somewhere quick and close.

Our choices were either KFC or Popeyes. Well, since Bob has had a very bad food poisoning encounter with KFC back in the day, we steered clear of it and headed to Popeyes. We ordered the Naked Chicken Strips since they advertised how low in fat and calories they are on a poster inside. When the chicken came out soaked in oil I couldn’t believe I was so naive to think a place like Popeyes would own a grill or broiler to cook this chicken in. We were still starving so we patted these pathetic pieces down with napkins and sinfully ate them. By the end of the weekend, I weighed in at 125.8 lbs. 😦

With the start of the new week, I was back on track and had fat free yogurt for breakfast, oat bran meatballs for lunch, and tofu miso soup for dinner. Additionally, I practically inhaled tons of water. Today, I was down to 124.6 lbs but, unfortunately, am still up .6 from Saturday. Here are my overall stats:

Phase: Cruise, Day 13

Total Weight Loss: 7.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss Goal: 18 lbs

Amount of Weight to Lose: 10.6 lbs

I’m hoping to get back down to 124 by tomorrow and lose another 1.5 lbs by the end of the week. Please cross your fingers for me!

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